Walking the Via Francigena: Beginners ebook

Have you ever dreamed of walking the Via Francigena also known as the Camino to Rome? A magical trail that is broken into walking routes that spans over four countries. Our Via Francigena free beginners ebook will give all of the advice you need to prepare for this epic journey. Any long distance walking or cycling holiday can be an exhilarating, enjoyable and challenging all at the same time. This is why we need to ensure that we are prepared for the journey ahead.

People choose to walk the Via Francigena for many reasons. Perhaps you are walking for the first time or you have walked the Camino and are looking for something different. Maybe you want to walk a section along the pilgrimage for the Holy year of Mercy or you want to sample the rolling hills of Tuscany. If you are a walker, adventurer, spiritual seeker or interested in the outdoors the Via Francigena is a great place to start.

There is a lot of information on the web and offline regarding the route but we wanted to offer you a concise overview of the experience. With this in mind we have divided the beginners ebook into chapters.

Our ebook will provide you with a brief history of the pilgrimage, an overview of the most popular walking routes, useful phrases in the languages along the way, top food festivals, practical facts, fitness tips and packing advice.

The final chapter will provide you with some preparation tips such as useful exercises that you may choose to practice before your next trip. To expand on the fitness advice we partnered with a fitness expert to design a 6 month fitness programme suitable for all levels if you are getting ready for any walking holiday.

This ebook is designed for anyone hoping to embark on the Via Francigena journey. It can be saved a nice little souvenir to remember that you completed the famous walking route. Download your free Via Francigena Beginners Guide here.

For more information about the Via Francigena or to book your next walking holiday please contact one of our Travel Specialists.


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