Picturesque Italian towns on the Via Francigena route

The Via Francigena trail across Italy takes pilgrims to incredible historic Italian towns and cities such as Rome and Siena; today we pick 8 picturesque Italian towns on the Via Francigena route that will delight pilgrims. Enjoy!


The historic centre of this city is a particular highlight. Visit the Palazzo Communal in Piazza Cavalli, Piacenza cathedral aswell as some truly impressive churches.


After crossing the river Magra to enter the own you will be immersed in a gorgeous quaint town. The bridge dates back to the 4th century and is the perfect opener for a day in Pontremoli.

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San Miniato

San Miniato is a medieval village that towers above the center of the Tuscan countryside. It is strategically located as a defense mechanism from warring armies during the middle ages. Thankfully this use of height and defense has meant the town is perfectly preserved. The views here have to be seen to be believed.



Lucca is the first city on the Camino to Rome in Tuscany and it’s one of the most beautiful. There is lots to do but don’t walk o before visiting the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, the most famous square in the city.


San Gimignano

The climb to reach the village of San Gimignano is challenging but rewarding. Another town atop a hill that will take your breath away. It was built by wealthy families in the 12th century to demonstrate power.



Monteriggioni in Tuscany  is unique to a point as the walls of the town that were used for defense are pretty much still intact. This quiet place is the perfect place for reflection.


San Quirico d’Orcia

When you arrive in this walled village make sure that you visit the Collegiata di San Quirico aswell as the church of Santa Maria Assunta.



Bolsena is home to the Basilica of Saint Christina and the Castello Rocca Monaldeschi. Experience authentic ancient Italy as you walk the paved streets.

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