How to choose your Via Francigena route?

With so many beautiful trails to choose from how to we choose the best Via Francigena route to suit our needs? Here are some tips that might help you decide on your next walking adventure:

I would like to meet fellow pilgrims and walkers

If it’s a social walking holiday that you are looking for than your best option would be to go on one of our guided group tours. You will walk the Via Francigena from San Miniato in the stunning Tuscan countryside. Another way to meet fellow pilgrims would be to book at one of the most popular months, such as May or September. You are sure to bump into some fellow walkers as you cross the trails of the Via Francigena in Tuscany.


I would like a quiet route

As this route crosses four countries, there are plenty of places where you can get some well deserved peace and quiet. Choose a route that takes you through the Champagne region in France where you can enjoy rambling through the french countryside and stopping in small, charming villages each evening.

I don’t have much time

The beauty of this trail is that it can be broken into short sections. If you only have one week to walk we can customise your itinerary to ensure that you choose the right route for the amount of time you have. If you only have a week to walk than the Via Francigena in Tuscany is the ideal route that will take 6 nights to complete.

I am a history buff

Finishing in Rome has to be the ultimate treat for a walking enthusiast who also loves history. Add an extra day or two at the end of your trip to explore some of the fascinating historic buildings in Rome. The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vatican buildings are just some of the must see attractions in the city. If you are collecting stamps for your Via Francigena trip than you will be entitled to collect your certificate of completion (Testimonium) from St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Note: you must walk at least 140km to Rome to get your certificate.

I would love a challengecathedral-siena--walking-the-via-francigena

The Ultimate challenge would be to complete the full Via Francigena trail which would take you 97 days in total. Don’t fear if you want a challenge but don’t have that much time. The route can be broken down week by week. Each week walking over a long distance will offer it’s own challenges.

I would like to go with my family and friends

Group tours are the perfect way to spend quality time out with your loved ones. Any of the routes on the Via Francigena will give you long lasting memories with your family and friends. Walking with a group can be a great bonding experience. The last section of the trail is the perfect route for your group. You can collect your pilgrim stamps along the way and finish off in the historical capital of Rome. Contact our group travel team to learn more about group tours.

I would like to taste the food and wines of Tuscany

This is an easy one, the Via Francigena through Tuscany will give you the ideal chance to sample the foods on offer. As you arrive in the medieval towns each evening you will have a choice of restaurants offering delicious Italian cuisine and wines.

I love cycling

You can cycle a number of the routes and you will cover more distance. The cycling routes range from 50 to 60 km per day, depending on the terrain. We would recommend that only people who are experienced cyclists and understand bike maintenance opt for a cycling route. Some of the most popular cycling trails include the Via Francigena from Lucca to Siena and the Via Francigena from Reims.  Read more about cycling the Via Francigena here.

Our travel team are always here to help you choose the best route. For more information about any of the routes contact our team.





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