Cheese Lovers walk on the Via Francigena

Craving some pungent Italian cheese? Yes please. As cheese lovers we can safely say that your walk on the Via Francigena will allow you to taste some delicious cheeses from Switzerland, France and Italy. The beauty of cheese is that you can eat it anytime of the day; Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Whether it’s a cheese filled croissant for breakfast or a cheese platter as an after dinner treat, the cheeses you will find will come in many forms and will fill you up with energy for your day of walking.

The people of Europe take pride in their range of cheeses. Each country will have their own traditional production processes.

In Lausanne you are very close to the famous city of Gruyère, home of the renowned wheels of Gruyère cheese. If you are walking the Via Francigena through Switzerland stop into any local restaurant to sample some swiss fondue. Just as Europeans like to go for a cup of coffee together, friends in Switzerland will catch up over a pot of melted cheese. Fondue is often considered to be the national dish of Switzerland and has been associated with rural life in the past.


As you follow the Via Francigena trail towards the Valle d’Aosta you will encounter another tasty cheese called Fontina Cheese. The texture and color of the rind on this cheese changes as it ages.

Next up is one of our personal favourites, the great soft balls of Mozzarella. This cheese can be found throughout Italy but traditionally made from buffalos milk in Southern Italy. Fresh mozzarella is white in colour and used on the delicious pizzas that you are sure to taste as you travel along the Via Francigena trails in Italy.

Another famous cheese of Italian origin in the Parmigiano-Reggiano. Often served as shavings of pasta and salads, this Italian cheese is a staple in the Italian diet.

Let’s finish with desert. Mascarpone cheese best known as the main ingredient in the delicious Italian dish called Tiramisu.  After a long day on the trails you deserve a treat and you can’t beat a homemade slice of Tiramisu.

There is a cheese for everyone along the Via Francigena trail. For more information about walking or cycling any section of the Via Francigena please contact one of our Travel Specialists.


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