6 Unforgettable Reasons to Visit Siena in Tuscany

Perfectly positioned in the centre of the stunning Italian countryside, Siena is a city for the senses. If you would like to make the most of your time in Italy, then spending a few days here is the ideal way to enjoy the history, the scenery and the romantic setting of Tuscany.

Spectacular Views

The idyllic landscapes of Tuscany are sure to inspire even the novice explorer. From the magical hills to the fields of vines to the lively squares, Siena and the surrounding areas provide the perfect walking trails.  

Cobblestone Streets

The city of Siena is packed with narrow side streets and cobbled pavements that ooze an old time feel and laid back atmosphere. Spend some time admiring the exterior of the Duomo and the quiet streets around the church of San Francesco.

Outdoor Cafe culture

Nothing says vacation like sipping on a smooth Italian Espresso in one of the famous Siena squares. A famous spot for sipping coffee and souvenirs in Torrefazione Fiorella or if you fancy some people watching take a seat outside Bar Il Palio in the tourist packed Piazza del Campo.

Off the beaten path

Stroll over the hills and along the peaceful tracks surrounding Siena at your own pace. The Via Francigena is a very well marked trail taking you through the heart of Italy but it is less crowded than more popular trails, making it ideal for those who would like to get away from it all and enjoy time spent in nature.

Historic Buildingswalking-the-via-francigena-from-lucca-to-siena

From the Basilica of San Domenico to the Museo Civico with its beautiful collection of medieval and renaissance art, frescoes and paintings.

Food and Wine

The wide variety of delicious Italian grapes is well documented so be sure to take advantage of this historic wine culture when you are in town. Why not take a cooking class in the city centre or taste the delicious food at michelin starred restaurant Arnolfo.

World Famous Palio of Siena

This medieval bareback horse race takes place twice a year during the summer months. The race takes place twice a year and is a festival highlight of the year. Over 40,000 people gather around the Piazza del Campo where it is turned into race track for eagerly awaiting spectators to take in the electric atmosphere. This is certainly an unforgettable reason to visit Siena.

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