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What is the level of difficulty?

walking-level-francigenawaysWe offer a range of walking holidays on the Via Francigena, suitable for different levels of fitness. The level of difficulty is stated in the ‘Quick Facts’ box for each walking trip (see image). As a general rule, each walker will find their own challenge.

Our holidays are graded by 3 categories of difficulty: Easy (1,2), Moderate (3,4) and Challenging (5). This grading system will allow you to select the ideal holiday for yourself or your group. We aim to offer you the best experiences and unforgettable memories on a holiday where your desire for a challenge, comfort and safety are our priority. As the abilities of everybody are different, it’s important that you decide on a holiday which best suits your own needs and capabilities.

Have a look at our grading system that will assist you to decide which walking holiday is best for you!

When grading our holidays, we take 3 main factors into consideration:
• Distance
• Gradient
• Trail Type (i.e. mountain track, forest road, surfaced road, etc.)

Our Easy walking and cycling holidays are best for families with young children. With older children, experience and fitness level should be considered when deciding on a holiday.

easylevel2Easy (1,2)
• Time: Under 5 hours per day on average.
• Gradient: Gentle, no steep climbs.
• Trail Type: Walking path, easily accessible.
• Suitable for: Everybody. Some easy preparation walks should increase your enjoyment.

moderatelevelModerate (3,4)
• Time: 5 to 7 hours / less than 20km per day on average.
• Gradient: Up to 1000m ascent per day on average, possibility of some steep climbing.
• Trail Type: Walking paths, mountain trails, not technically difficult.
• Suitable for: Moderate level of fitness required. Some weekend walks of around 3-4 hours should help your preparation.

challenginglevelChallenging (5)
• Time: Days can be over 7 hours / 20km.
• Gradient: Days can be more than 1000m, some steep climbing.
• Trail Type: Walking paths, mountain trails, can be technically difficult.
• Suitable for: Good level of fitness required. Previous experience would be best. Regular weekend walks of 4-5 hours or more are advisable in the months leading up to your holiday. These should include some mountain walks.

*Read our Preparing for the Via Francigena, the Camino to Rome information.

*For more information about the Via Francigena, the Camino to Rome, or to book your holiday please contact our travel specialists


Roland is the founder and director of Originally from France, he has many years of experience organising adventure holidays and globe-trotting. He has hiked in Nepal, Asia, New Zealand, Japan, led mountaineering groups in South America; as well as walked the Camino and the Via Francigena to Rome.
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