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Via Francigena

All roads lead to Rome: the Via Francigena is the name for the ancient pilgrim way or camino to Rome. The name ‘Via Francigena’ was originally given to the way used by the pilgrims traveling through France to Rome, but other routes have also taken that name. There are two ways to reach Rome:

The Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome:
This is the original Itinerary used by the Bishop of Canterbury in the 10th C. on his way to Rome. We have divided this trail in 16 walking sections. This trail starts from the cathedral of Canterbury, Kent, and crosses amazing landscapes in Europe including the battlefields of WWI, the Champagne vineyards, Lausanne, the Alps, the pristine Val D’Aosta and the Po river, the Abruzzo mountains, the rolling hills and stunning UNESCO villages of Tuscan and finale to Rome through Lazio.

The St Francis Way,  from Florence to Rome:
This trail follows the steps of Saint Francis on his way to Assisi and Rome. Highlights include dazzling Florence, La Verna sanctuary, St Francis’ home town of Assisi, the Apennine Mountains and Lazio’s countryside into Rome.

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Via Francigena
St Francis Way