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Tuscany-Via-Francigena-francigenawaysA Self-Guided Tour

is perfect for independent travellers so you can navigate a route yourself, as opposed to an escorted or guided tour where a guide directs the route, times, information and places toured. Most of our Via Francigena holidays are self-guided and can depart year-round at any date.

Most parts of the trail are well marked with either the red and white signs, or the Via Francigena pilgrim symbol. The Saint Francis Way has its own markings also. Moreover, the regions visited are inhabited so you will have the chance to talk to people and ask for directions.

Your Via Francigena Self-Guided Tour will include the following:

  • Luggage transfer
  • Holiday Pack
  • All Breakfast and Dinners* are included (This does not include dinner on your first and last day)

Guided Tours

Our guided tours are available for any traveller who wishes to share their Via Francigena experience. Guided tours are a great way to meet people along the walking routes. Our local guides have in-depth knowledge of the sections to walk along the Via Francigena. They speak fluent English and can provide you with insights into the local culture. All of our guided tours come with maps, luggage tags, general information and directions.

Visit our Guided Tours section of the site to check availability for the next guided tours.

Not sure if you should go for a Guided or Self-Guided Tour? Check out our Table comparing Camino de Santiago Guided and Self Guided Tours:

Guided Tours
(Certified and Knowledgeable English Speaking Guide)
Self-Guided Tours
(Comprehensive maps and info)
Luggage transfer included Luggage transfer included
Airport transfer included Airport transfer NOT included
Holiday pack included Holiday pack included
Restricted to dates (see table above) Any date year-round
Generally cheaper Slightly more expensive
All breakfast and dinners included All breakfast and dinners* included (*dinners are not included at the first and last stop of the tour).

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